Thursday, January 7, 2010


Dear Noah,

Today you are 2 years old. As you can see, Mama hasn't been writing in her blog lately. This hasn't made me sad. I have been having so many wonderful adventures with you, that I am just not in front of the computer that much anymore. Gone are the 2 naps a day, with one spent on housework and the other blogging. We spend our mornings playing at the park or going to classes. Our afternoons are filled with play dates and you "helping" Mama out with chores. I can't believe how much laundry you go through, but after watching you fill your socks with sand this morning, and then later "paint" your hand and shirt with markers, I can kinda guess why. Lucky for me you are almost always as willing to help clean up as you are to make messes.

From December 2009

From June 2009

You should know that your 2 year old self is quite a character. Anyone that doesn't think a toddler has personality yet needs to spend a few hours with Noah. Like Mama, you have a love of people. You often introduce yourself to older kids with a friendly handshake and a smile. Right now you are saying, "Hi. I'm Noah. What's your name?" to children (and often strangers) you encounter. It's pretty adorable until you tell me "Mama, your turn," and you drag me up to strangers in the grocery store and make me introduce myself. No one can ever accuse you of being an introvert.

From December 2009

From September

Not only do you enjoy meeting new friends, you also enjoy spending time with them. Right now you tell us your best buddy is Elsa. When you see her you give her a giant hug and the two of you end up in giggles. I love to watch you play chase and run and scream. I can tell you are going to have lots of great friends when you go to school, even though the thought makes Mama just a tiny bit jealous.
From September

From July 2009

From July 2009

Now I know this may surprise you (especially if you are a teenager and reading this), but your very BEST friend right now is me. Often you will voluntarily (gasp!) grab my hand and says, "friends." One of my favorite memories from this year was when we were sitting on a bench, eating lunch and you reached for my hand, leaned your head on my shoulder and said, "best friends." My heart melted into a million pieces.
From October 2009

From July 2009

Your Papa and I are continually surprised with how much you understand of the world already. You identify emotions with ease. You know that people have the power to make others feel happy and sad. When Mama is sad you say, "You ok, Mama?" and give me a pat on the back. You also observe and will note, "Papa's happy!" or "I hear a baby crying. It's sad." You certainly got your perceptiveness from your Papa. He may be quiet, but he always somehow know what people are thinking and feeling. If you ever need a good judge of character, go ask Papa.
From October 2009

From November 2009

A trait you received from Mama is your incredible imagination. Right now you are enamored with pirates. You have a pirate sword and hat and love to make believe you are a pirate. Today at the park, you climbed the rope ladder and shouted, "Avast, you scurvy dogs!"
From December 2009

As I know from experience, with great imagination often comes great (and often irrational) fears. Currently you are scared of a man that lives in your window. We can't quite figure that one out, but we let you sleep with your night light and your pirate sword in case the man gets any funny ideas.
From December 2009

Dear sweet boy, there are so many more things I would like to write about you; your love of music (singing and instruments - this year you were so into the drums and guitar!), your interest in anything with wheels, and your fascination with football (despite the fact Papa and I couldn't care less about sports). You however, have other ideas. Right now you have woken up from your nap and are saying, "Mama, where ARE YOU?!? I need you Mama!" And I simply can't resist.

Here I come turkey. Ready for new adventures and challenges with you. Thank you for all that you make me feel and how much you fill up my life.
From July 2009

I love you Noah James.



Sera said...

Heeeey! I have been thinking about you and was wondering if your blog dropped off my reader or something. I've missed you! First off - happy birthday to your little CUTIE! I LOVE this post, Rachel. It's something he will treasure so much. The last picture is my favorite - you look like you're just bubbling over with joy and pride. It sounds like you've been doing great and having a blast with Noah (I loved that pirate comment!). :)

SwizzlestickMama said...

What a fantastic year! Going from 1-2 is so amazing. He has grown into such an adorable little boy. He keeps you on your toes, I imagine!? The pictures are great...and looking forward to seeing more.

Jen said...

This is such s sweet post and I am sure that he will love reading it someday. He is such a cutie and you are such a great mommy.

Happy Birthday!

Summer said...

Aweeeeee, Rach!!! Were you totally crying while you wrote this, because I totally had tears in my eyes!

He is such an INCREDIBLE kid....I've always known that, but then again, he comes from INCREDIBLE parents. =)

Miss you guys.

Happy Birthday little man!

Emi said...

Rach! This is such a fantastic post! Noah should feel so lucky and blessed to have a wonderful mom such as yourself! I miss you guys! Must pay you guys a visit soon!

Lesley said...

oh my...that had to be the most beautiful thing I've read in a long time....what an amazing mom you are...and what an incredible little guy you have! Can't believe he's two...feel like I started reading you just a few months ago...happy b-day Noah!

Amy McMean said...

WOW. He's two already. What a looker, he's going to grow up to be one heck of a guy. I love your letter. And I don't mind you not blogging much, if your spending all your time with him. those pictures are to cute!! Keep having a blast with your little man.

Bar-b said...

Soooooo happy to read that you and Noah are doing splendidly! I adored reading your post and seeing your handsome beau throughout!!!!! I totally understand you, Saylor turned two on the 5th. *sniff* but YAY.

Come back now, ya hear????

Bloggy Friend, Barbie

Jennifer said...

Hey Rachel! I love this blog. I'm so glad you told me about it! :) Great seeing you the other night! Hope to see ya soon!

angie said...

Happy Birthday. Way late. :) YOu have such a beautiful family, Rachel!

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