Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mommy Mania

My Favorite Phrase: "Time to Push the Crazy Back In"

Explanation: Like cotton stuffing popping out of a pillow, every once in a while, Mommy must cram the crazy back into her head.

Once's time.

Pre-baby I was a typically anxious A-type personality - I crave organization, I agonize over stupid details, I worry too much about what people think. Having a baby has added a whole new layer of crazy into my life.....NOW I STRESS OVER OTHER PEOPLE'S BABIES.

It doesn't matter that I don't know them, I agonize over stranger's babies. I worry over babies I see dangling over the shopping carts at Target, I worry about babies without hats or sunglasses, squinting in the sun. And I stress over that baby eating fries for lunch, how will she get her 2 serving of fruit and veggies? I also want to pick up every sad, crying baby I see and cuddle them. Ok, almost every baby...

I also stress over babies that I know. "That baby isn't taking enough naps, IT WILL GROW UP SLEEP DEPRIVED!" and "That baby is being pushed too hard, just give him the dang juice already, he doesn't freaking want to sign for it."*Note: Most of the mommies I know rock , so I am not talking about you.

I worry over mommies to-be-too. Showers are filled with thoughts like: "Why did so and so only get clothes for her baby, Why didn't she register for bottles, play yards, sheets, pacifers, nail clippers, etc? DOESN'T SHE KNOW HOW MUCH SHIT IT TAKES TO RAISE A BABY!?!?"

Of course, these thoughts run through my head as I let my 8-month-old eat Puffs of an unknown origin off the cat-haired ridden kitchen floor.

Does that make your Mommy alarm go off, or am I the only one who has to push the crazy back in?


Ali said...

As a Mommy-to-be I worry about losing my fabulous type A personality to the slovenly lathargic pregnant lady I've become. When will my brain be back?!?
I am mostly worried about my baby (it occupies 90% of my waking and sleeping thoughts). Other people's babies just make me emotional.

Summer Saldana said...

Not so much worried about others babies, but pushing the crazy back in....YES. I can relate to that. Every freaking five minutes or so!!!

In fact, I have a headache at the moment and Tay accidentally banged his head against mine just minutes ago. What did I do? Cry. Yes, I cried. Talk about crazy lady!

Catalina said...

rach, i know that worrying helps nothing BUT it's sooo hard not to! I saw a mom getting her baby out of her carseat while smoking a cigarette the other day! i wanted to cry. i wanted to scream. i wanted to rescue that baby from ash that was probably falling on her legs. so, i took a deep breath and prayed and then thought, at least she was in a carseat.