Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tricks Are For Kids

Let's be honest, being a new stay-at -home mommy can be rough. It's amazing, cuddly, and sweet too, but some of the time, it can make you want to bang your head against the wall. Luckily for me, my son Noah has a "mama's had it meter." Every few weeks he uses this gauge to dole out a new accomplishment and keep mommy happy (aka from running away to Mexico...j/k!)

Flashback to February when Noah was 6 weeks old. The poor guy had some horrible reflux and gas. He wanted to nurse all the time (every 1 1/2 hrs) or so, then would grunt/cry/fart until the next feeding. It was a nightmarish cycle. My husband and I were both losing it from lack of sleep. After an especially horrible night where I thought I would have to staple my eyes open, he went to sleep for a whole 4 hours!!! When I went to his room to check he was still breathing, he was awake, laying there calmly. All of the sudden HE SMILED AT ME and my heart was so filled with love and happiness (and relief), I get tingly thinking about it right now.

I SO wish I had that on video. What I do have on video is Noah doing his first real wave to Mommy.

Neat trick, huh? Did you hear the excitement in my voice?

The whole morning leading up to this miraculous moment, Noah had been a teething mess. His top two teeth are coming in and he rotates between crying and banging his hand against his mouth. I had already given him Tylenol the past 3 days and I wanted his liver to get a rest, so I suffered through the morning in my pjs, walking Noah around the house.

Around 10am, he arches his back and throws his arms up (which translates to put me down, now!) So I think, "fine, sheesh, my back was hurting anyways!" He takes the next few minutes to crawl up and down the hallway in the opposite direction of me....and then he turns back to me and WAVES! Almost as if he was saying, "Thanks mom, I can handle it now, just checkin in to say hello." It was so sweet. Again, melty, mushy mommy heart.

This begs the question, are "tricks for kids" or are they for the mommies who really seem to need them?


Haasiegirl said...

see, thats how they get us. Its like some squirly jedi mind tricks


Emelia said...

Hooray! I'm so excited. Just wait till you start to teach him how to clap! that was quite the accomplishment for my dad when he was teaching my nephews :)

Tabitha Blue said...

How sweet. I love those precious times!! So cute and then you just (almost) forget about all the torture they just put you through :)

Andrea said...

Oh they totally know how to play us and throw out their best trick at the right moment. That was a cute video though, he looked happy and you sounded ecstatic.