Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10 Fears

The following post is written as part of a blogging-world writing prompt. Kat over at (a hilarious momma I blog-stalk), gives a few prompts to choose from each week and folks get to write about them and share. I have read many so far, but this is my first time participating....which leads me to my first fear....

I fear:

1. I suck at writing.

Mostly this blog is just me ranting and raving about Mommy life. I don't get much adult conversation during the day, so I don't care about grammar, punctuation or really even content. Its more about venting, and it's cheaper than Prozac. So I fear, that when people actually do read my entries, they think, "eh, BOR-ING."

2. Birds.

I know this is a weird one. But with pea-sized brains, scratchy feet and sharp beaks, these creatures are a recipe for evil. And, as an added bonus, they carry avian bird flu. AWESOME.

3. Germs.

I am not too neurotic about this, but this fear is definitely fueled by those damn Lysol commercials. You know, the ones where you "see" the virus spread from the toilet, to the hands, to the door nob, to the crayons, to the (ahhhh. must stop or will spend the next 2 hours spraying remotes and door nobs).

4. Ghosts.

Completely irrational, yes, I know. But my sis and I have a pretty spooky story about how we both frequently saw the same mysterious woman throughout our childhood (often in our house) and neither of us told each other about it until we were teenagers. My parents, who think we are nuts, never saw her.

5. My car will run out of gas.

I can't let the tank go below a quarter full. I start to sweat when that happens. Can't wait for the day when a own a fully electric car...though I will probably just worry about running out of battery juice....

6. I won't be able to have more children.

Again this is pretty irrational. I was also worried we wouldn't have our first child, so we started trying a little earlier than we planned. He was conceived THE FIRST MONTH we tried. My husband likes to brag about this, claiming his super-sperm only needs "one shot." I guess if they are that "super" I have nothing really to worry about, but I would like Noah to have a little bro or sis someday.

Another child will only add to my list of fears, which brings me to my next one:

7. Noah will:

choke, suffocate, be kidnapped, fall out of his high chair, drown in the bathtub, contract tuberculosis, be exposed to too much violence on t.v, become one of those teenage boys who wears girl's skinny jeans, etc.

8. I will outlive my child and husband.

Too morbid and horrible for explanation.

9. Any part of a fish will touch any part of me.

This one is sort of under the same line as birds, except that instead of sharp, pointy appendages, they have slimy, scaly ones. The thought of any fish (even a nice, sweet one like Nemo) brushing up against me makes my skin crawl.

On a side note, my husband and I went to Bora Bora for our honeymoon. AMAZING place to snorkel. He was a little frustrated at my opting for the "glass bottom boat adventure." Did I also mention he likes to surf? Poor guy. Hey, Bri, if you read this... I am still waiting for a swimming body-bubble (think giant space suit) to be invented. Then, it's sooooo on.

10. I will never complete my book which I started 3 years ago.

Which brings me back to fear #1. But hey, someday I might get there. Let's start with the small things. Maybe I should first try standing next to a bird, or put my toe in the ocean.....does it count if I wear a flipper?


Kelly said...

I also have an irrational fear of Birds! They are just so fricking weird! I fear that my daughter will bring home one of those boys wearing the skinny jeans!! Ha.

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

great list - I did fears as well!

Jenni said...

Since your fears are mostly different from my fears I could actually read your list. I couldn't handle the stress of listing all my fears.

Thanks for the visit and the compliment.

jenn3 said...

Good list. I worry way too much about almost everything. I decided not to write about it because it would just make me stress more. Haha. And I worry that I'm not a good writer too. People have been telling me I should be a writer since I was in grade school. I think those expectations have kept me from trying...

Oh, and you should definitly try Zumba if it's something that interests you. It feels pretty stupid, but everyone else is doing the same thing, so it's okay. It's fun.

Weeksie50 said...

Great list.

I am a germ phob too..

rachael said...

this was a great list...very diverse! i fear that i will never start my book...i have it partially written i am just too overwhelmed to begin!

Mrs. S said...

I fear your #1, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9. I hate fish. My husband told me that if we went fishing, he would unhook 3 fish. I caught 3 fish and he unhooked them, Said that was it. I don't fish anymore.

And I fear ghosts even though I really don't think they exist (but what if they do?). I am also scared of the dark.

And your #6 speaks right to my heart. I am ready to have another child but the time in our lives (we may be moving SOON) isn't all that it should be to have a kid (like be on insurance). Scares me that God will be mad at us not trusting Him to plan our kids.

Mrs. S said...

I don't know how I'm going to get my son to like the dark, except for the fact that he does sleep in complete darkness right now. :)

And I know about having a son! Oh man, we may not have the biggest selection of clothing right now but when my friends' daughters grow into teens, I hope they have fun with the low-rise jeans, g-strings, and low-cut tops. Yikes!

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Rachel ~ I forgot to add germs to my fear list...hate them!

I had to laugh at Kelly's fear of the boys wearing skinny jeans..LMAO!


Mama's Losin' It said...

Oh my gosh your fish one kills me. Too funny!!

Emelia said...

That's a great list, and what a great writing prompt! We have many fears in common, however, you can add heights as well as sheer, utter failure to mine. :)

Maternal Mirth said...

Ok the skinny jeans comment made me laugh out loud. My 11 YO just asked for a pair for his birthday.

I lied.

I told him I could not find a pair.

I also told him he would look like a chicken. His legs are too skinny for skinny jeans.

Then I did a bawk-bawk chicken dance.

He hasn't brought the skinny jeans up since.

Anonymous said...

Right there with you on #7

Leona said...

I so so so agree with the ghosts i dont mind them i can watch them but we did have one in an old house we lived in and my oh didnt tell me shared our bedroom with it... wasnt long before we moved i tell you!!!

Megan R. said...

I am also terrified of birds!!! I go into full blown panic mode if one gets anywhere near me!!! They are horrible little creatures!

WheresMyAngels said...

okay, my husband totally freaked out when I let a parrot out of a cage. He screamed and locked himself in our bedroom. But then he helped some college students capture a BAT in their dorm, which he caught in his HANDS (with a towel around them). Now that is crazy.

I used to have a pet lion fish, do you know what they are? If not look it up. They have sharp needle fins that will pump poison into your body. I would stick my hand in the water to feed him. I treated him like a dog. My husband was waiting for the day he would have to run me to the hospital for some pain meds. I miss my fish, I gave him away but now want another. I love fish. Infact don't ever look thru my blog for an July post or you will see some fish things that will creep you out ;)

Oh the fears of what might happen to our kids. It does not get easier. With all three of my babies I would have moments where I would scream "They aren't breathing!" without even checking to see if they were.

Paula said...

LOL AHHH I needed that this morning. Love the part about worrying your son will wear skinny girl jeans, LOL. BTW when I was reading about your ghost I got chills so there must be something too it! Hmmm Thanks for sharing.

Violet said...

Interesting to read this Rachel! Surprisingly we share some of the same fears much as I am a working mum, my real passion lies in writing! (I know, my English esp grammar may be suck, but hei I am talking about Chinese writting :-) and my biggest dream that started in middle school was a novel...I find writing is a theraputic, mind-peacing way, and only via deep communication like writing and reading can you really understand a person....saddly, xyz proclaims he scored AA+ in writng but never saw his mater piece...anyway, glad to find some additional common fields here.