Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pennies for the Peanut

If you are a penny counting mommy, you are light years ahead of me. I usually shop for what's the most convenient with cost being the second consideration on my mind. I usually justify this an a completely irrational manner, such as "I don't spend money on Starbucks, so of course Noah needs another 50 dollars in Halloween onesies, etc" and "I don't shop for myself much anymore, so yes, weekly trips to the Right Start baby store in my neighborhood are necessary."

However, with all the crazy things going on in the economy, I have decided to try and be more responsible when it comes to baby spending. In this spirit, I have tried some new items I would like to review.

1. Pamper's Cruisers vs. Costco Diapers:

The feel of Pampers seems a little nicer, but that may just be because I know they cost more.
However, since wearing the Costco kind, Noah hasn't had any leaks or rashes and seems not to notice the difference. And Costco is way cheaper.

Winner: Costco

2. Target brand wipes vs. Costco Wipes:

Funny, but it seems whenever my son uses the Target wipes, he gets a diaper rash. Could be coincidence, but it's happened 3 times now. Costco wipes work well on bottoms, counter tops, cleaning the hair chair, wiping up spilled food, cleaning up mommy when she didn't have time to shower (maybe that's TMI).

Winner: Costco

3. Aveeno Baby Wash vs. Johnson's:

They both smell decent, though Aveeno smells more like "boy" to me. Ok, because I have a boy. However, even though its a few more dollars, Aveeno wins hands down. After repeated use, Johnson's dries out Noah's skin and the shampoo makes his hair stick straight up. Funny, but in a sad sort of way.

Winner: Aveeno

So far, those are the major three things I have tried. If you have any other recommendations let me know!

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Summer Saldana said...

You have to try that Healthy Times Baby wash. It's soooo much better than Aveeno and about the same price I think. =)

I'm so proud you're going thrifty! We'll have even more to talk about!

I miss you guys!!!