Sunday, August 24, 2008

Noah Debunks Baby Myths

This is for all the mommies-to-be. You hear so much advice when you are pregnant, I just thought I would share some things that didn't turn out to be true with Noah. However, like all the books say "every baby is different..yada yada yada.."

Baby Myths:

1. The swing will save your life. False
It appears Noah thinks the swing will end his life. He screams after about 10 minutes in it.

2. Your pacifier brand matters. False
When he gets pissed, any brand (even a questionably clean finger) will do. He just wants to suck. Even not so mad, he doesn't seem to notice the difference, but the Avent pacifiers stay in better than Soothies, meaning less scurrying back to him to stick it back in.

3. Swaddling makes them sleep longer. True
Watch our little guy when he is sleepy and you will be surprised with the accuracy of his karate kid impersonation. For some reason, when he is tired, he is so active it freaks him out. This has calmed down a lot now that he is older, but very very true in the first 3 months.

4. Play only soothing music to your baby. False
I got this one from the Baby Whisperer. Unlike British kids, our unborn child was subjected to background Britney exposure. You just can't escape her. Noah loves pop music and loves to watch momma dance. The more upbeat, the better.

5. Baby sleeps better with you. True
If he could, he would sleep with us 24/7. This might become a problem during his high school years, so we are trying to keep him in his crib for now.

6. The first 6 weeks suck. True and False
There are things that suck for sure. Like not sleeping. This is a major problem as you are not supposed to consume caffeine. What kind of dirty trick is that? Also, you aren't always sure why they are crying. This is a hard one, watching them be so upset for a reason you just can't figure out.Then there are things that are the opposite of sucking. Like everything else. Holding him, talking to him, just being in the same house, makes you feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Its an amazing feeling. Good luck to all the new mommies out there!


Summer Saldana said...

Correction on number 6....the first 6 months suck. =) ha ha!

Daphne said...

good debunking. I never even got ten min with with swing before my daughter screamed. It was good for a pouring a cup of coffee and popping bread in the toaster.
and I was a swaddeling fanatic