Saturday, August 23, 2008


As my sweet DH was taking care of the little guy last night, I shut the office door and immersed myself in blogs. One of the blogs I came across "Just another Mommy Blog" was pretty cute. It's nice to read about someone with three kids, especially when your child is making the noise of a whole nursery of crying babies.

On her blog she had something called "Shelfari." Its a widget that looks like an actual bookself and has images of the books you like. You can customize it to be the books you are reading, or have read, but I just wanted to make it easy and put my favorites on it.

In my pre-baby days, I used to be in a book club. In truth, it was more of a girls get together and drink martinis club, but it was nice to at least pretend I was being intellectual. Unfortunately, it seems life gets in the way of book clubs, so I think I will just host my favorites here in hopes that some of you may have enojoyed these books too.

Please leave comments or suggestions. I would love to hear your input about books that interest you!

If you would like to put Shelfari on your own blog, go to:

Happy Reading!

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