Monday, March 30, 2009

The Sprinkler

Yes, that is exactly what you think it is. Noah has discovered that wearing diapers is no fun and that when you take them off, you can do cool tricks. This trick is called "The Sprinkler." He sprinkles a little area of your carpet and then you find it later. You generally know that Noah has performed The Sprinkler when he runs to find you bare-assed and giggling.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Are you a "head in the sand" person like me? Do you avoid nightly news and scary movies because you can't stand sadness and violence? If you are, stop reading right now, cause this post is full of real-life stuff. It's also going to be poorly written, because my heart is so heavy right now I am having trouble coming up with the right words.

As some of you know, I have been blessed with a sweet spirited little boy named Noah. And while I frequently complain about the woes of SAHM life, deep down I wouldn't have my world be any different. I love him so fiercely and deeply that the love I have for him has become its own entity. I find my heart filling with joy when I see him smile or hear him giggle. I wish I could put to words the warmness that completes me when his little chubby arms go around my neck for a hug. If you are a parent, I am sure you feel the same way about your babies (no matter how old they are).

Recently I stumbled upon a blog by a mother who writes frequently about the love she has for her babies. She has been blessed with 4, but they never thought the fourth would make it. His name is Stellan and he was diagnosed with heart failure in the womb. At 24 weeks his parents were told he wouldn't make it. After much prayer a miracle happened, his heart healed and Stellan was born full term healthy and happy.

This month that sweet little baby has been having heart trouble again. He's been at a hospital where they have been doing everything they can to save Stellan. He's had tubes and drugs and a host of other things I don't want to think about done to him.

Just looking at that face makes it hard for me to breathe. He reminds me so much of Noah. And I think it could be Noah right now, in that very same situation. I can't even fathom this. It stops the world around me from spinning and I get a little light headed. It makes me want to rush into sleeping Noah's room and hold onto him with all my might.

I am not one who puts much stock into praying, but for this I am shouting out to the universe for something to be done. Please save this sweet baby and give him back to his mama.

Now mamas and papas, go out there and hug your little miracles. They are precious and should be held onto tightly.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - The Big Cheese

I am the first to admit I come from a family with a flair for the dramatic. Mother, aunt and grandma (all on the same side) have all dabbled in acting. And while I can't act my way out of a paper bag, I do miss my "stage" days of dance performance.

I thought this "Hey, look at me... LOVE ME!" trait was a female thing. Ummmm, nope. Lately my 1 year old has morphed into a complete ham. Check out his new favorite smile.

I call this one Morning Cheese with side of snot.
Yes, that is my butt hanging out the door, cleaning the bathroom. Flattering, eh?

Here is some Evening Cheese. These pjs must have him feeling fabulous.

To be fair, he can be completely adorable when he's not "on." This is his "Mommy is Tickling Me" smile. It's the one I love the most.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is The Love Affair Over?

We've established I can be somewhat fashion challenged. I wish I were a real life stylista like my lil sis Amanda or my friend Summer. Both have an amazing talent for accessorizing. Not only that, but they put together fantastic outfits on a budget. Somehow I missed this gene.

My super-beautiful, devastatingly stylish sister Amanda.

I didn't realize I was lacking in this department until college. There I was surrounded by sorority sisters who gave my tattered Target jeans and old sweatshirts sad looks of disapproval. After a while, I began purchasing jeans which I saw other girls wearing in hope that it would get me "in" with all the cool kids. (Such is the logic of a 19 year old...)

After my first year in college, I saved enough of my summer job earnings and bought my first pair of 7's. I couldn't believe I spent that much on a pair of jeans. It seemed rather ridiculous, but as I stood in front of the mirror I had an epiphany- my thighs actually looked slim! I had finally found a pair of pants that made the freshmen 15 look only like the freshmen 5. It was "beer money" well spent and I wore them like it was my job. They went without washings for DAYS.

My old 7's.

I spent so much time in in college in my 7's, they became almost like a boyfriend. They warmed me when I spent the night sleeping on a a friend's cold couch, they graciously stretched out to fit my hips when I went through my Mac and Cheese months, and they never complained when I spilt beer or wiped my Cheetos fingers on them. Hell, they were BETTER than a boyfriend.

It was all a wonderful affair until I fell in love with Paige. No, Paige was not a Katy Perry, "I Kissed A Girl" college fling, but a pair of fantabulous jeans that give you and an instant butt lift a la Jessica Beil. Those were my official party pants.

After Paige, there was Joe - more specifically Joe's Jeans. I had a long, but casual relationship with Joe. We were together long enough to produce two offspring capri's and a dark bootleg jean I still wear today.

This fall, with the skinny jean trend, I started a new relationship. I have been with "J" Brand for only a few months now, but they have been my most favorite of all. They actually have a zipper up the side of each ankle. How funtastic is that? I thought it couldn't get better than this.

Hillary Duff rocking the J Brand Skinny. Um, no, my legs don't look like that in them, but I still heart them anyways.

Now, please don't tell my fancy jeans, but last week I cheated on all of them. Here's what happened:

I went to Old Navy to pick up some new yoga pants (see, I do save, so take that my Nike and Adidas wearing gym mates). I was already feeling giddy because Noah was with his sitter and I had a Friends and Family 30% off coupon. This must have had me feeling reckless, because on a whim I tried on a pair of jeans. Holy mother of denim - they fit like a glove! They were on sale and with my coupon they would cost me (wait for it....) FIFTEEN DOLLARS. I dropped my overpriced Citizens on the floor and stomped on them - Bad jeans, bad! Bad for making me feel like I needed to spend that much to be cool and fashionable.

I have a new love in my life. It's the Diva pants from Old Navy. If you are in an unhealthy relationship with expensive/oppressive jeans, please, go out and buy some, it will do you a "wealth" of good.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Bit 'O The Irish

I kid you not, this is what Noah built today with his blocks. After I finished rubbing my eyes in wonder, I quickly grabbed the camera to document this. Yes, I lined the letters up so you could read them, but the rest was all Noah. I would like to think its his 1/20th or so Irish in him, wishing to celebrate St. Patty's Day. That or either he's on the fast track to becoming a frat boy.

Either way, it's his first (unintentional) spelled word and mama is proud!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Small Slice of Sanity

I am about to do a 180 on you, but this is my blog and I am allowed to do stuff like that. Plus, it has been a week, and a girl has a right to change her mind, right?

Ok, so remember when I said I was having baby fever and dreaming of pink? Well, it took traveling solo on a flight with a screaming toddler to pop the crap out of that silly bubble. Nonetheless, the irony of thinking (aka being freaked out) that I might be pregnant with #2 while flying 30,000 feet up trapped with #1, who had done a #2, (sorry it had to be said) was not lost on this mama.

25 dollars in pregnancy tests and a late period later, I find I am (phew) not pregnant. I celebrated flo's usually irritated arrival with 2 cups of coffee in the morning, a goat cheese sandwich for lunch, and a glass of chardonnay with dinner. Nothing like a pregnancy scare to make you eat up all the goodies you began to think you might not see for a while.

The other fantastic slice of sanity I have found is in the fact that I have finally found Noah a nanny. 2 interviews and a trial watching date over, I feel confident in leaving Noah alone for at least a couple hours a week for some mommy R&R. Noah on the other hand, has grown quite accustomed to my presence and cries each time I leave the room. I just take a deep breath and drive away quickly. Ha ha.

So I am gobbling my free time up like a carb-starved Atkin's dieter. Today I used a coupon I found in the paper and got myself a manny/peddy. Just glancing at my toes makes me feel giddy. Not sure what I am going to do next week on my free morning. Maybe I will got to Target sans toddler. Sounds like heaven, huh?

I guess I must just need a little more me time before the 3am feedings and the newborn narcolepsy sets in again. Until then, I will enjoy my free time (when I can get it) and love the hell out of everyone else's babies. I sure know some cute ones. :P

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Be Still My Ovaries

It's been about a week since my last post. Noah and I have been busy with play "dates" and visiting friends. All have been adorable little girls that make me ache for another baby. Here are some pictures of Noah's girlfriends we visited with last week.

Summer's baby girl, Chloe is 4 months and the calmest, sweetest baby I have ever met.

Elsa just turned 2, so she's a little older than Noah, but he loves her fiery spirit and sense of adventure.

Little Isla is only two weeks old, but she's already beautiful, just like her mama.

Just hanging out with these ladies has given me a flare up of the fever - BABY FEVER! I can't wait for pink booties, fairy princess parties and teaching my little girl ballet. Here's to hoping there will be pink soon in my future (no, I am not pregnant, but you guys will be the first to know!)

BTW, we are off for a week to visit my parents, where they only have (gasp!) dial-up. Be back with pictures and stories next week. Have a great weekend!